Come together

International aids alliance

In recent years HIV/AIDS has slipped off the agenda; our task was to change this and let a new generation know about the fantastic work of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

We created a daring, groundbreaking and risqué campaign centred around Valentine’s Day, promoting everyone’s right to enjoy amazing, earth shattering and safe sex.

The 60 second TV ad, shown on Channel 4, is arguably the most provocative ever aired on British TV.


Salacious, irreverent and inclusive, the ad drove people to a custom-made website where they were invited to purchase a Come Together Box – containing a range of erotica to help people enjoy mind-blowing sex with their partners on Valentine’s Day.

We created a bespoke website featuring:

  • Responsive design offering a mobile optimised experience
  • Facebook integration, allowing pre-population of the registration form and utilising the user’s Facebook avatar.
  • Automated data transfer/management.
  • Choice of payment methods.
  • Stock control with dynamically changing content when stock limits are reached.