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We’re often asked by clients “What works best in digital?”. It’s a great question, but the answer usually begins with the same words: “It depends…”. That’s because, every organisation, every campaign and every supporter is unique so there’s really no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

We’ll always ensure that we understand your donors’ needs and motivations to develop a strategy that will achieve your objectives and compel supporters to give.

To show you the range and scale of our digital services, below are two examples of project approaches we might use…

Communicate and CONVERT

Highly personailised fundraising communications optimised for donor engagement and conversion.
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Some say 'the journey is the destination', we agree. The journey doesn't end once your donor has clicked 'Donate' and submitted their payment details. They've barely left the doorstep at this point.

We need to nurture, entertain (and occasionally nudge donors for a little more giving when absolutely necessary) but we must also ensure these communications are relevant and engaging.

That's why we might suggest a programme of digital communications such as emails, social media, display ads or landing pages to compliment a more traditional direct mail campaign. Sending pre-appeal 'Look out for my letter' emails and post-appeal 'Thank you' emails can massively boost your impact.

This consists of emails, social media, display ads and landing pages, often in combination with a direct mail campaign.

Engage and entertain

Large-scale, immersive online experiences often used as a donor retention device or as a method to compel visitors to convert.
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Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to engage your supporters. That's why we might suggest taking your campaign to the next level by pushing the boundaries of user experience.

A 360 degree panoramic of a refugee camp, a virtual or augmented reality environment that puts your donor right in the beneficiaries' shoes. For some organisations these immersive experiences can really help engage donors and compel them to give.

We'll work closely with your team to push the boundaries of online engagement, designing a solution that makes your donors feel valued, entertained and compelled to continue their support.


Get in touch with us and we can chat through your requirements and give you an idea of cost and timescale. Whatever your budget or campaign ideas, we'll tailor a solution to meet your needs.

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